Traci D. Watson

Traci D. Watson

Film media columnist

Traci obtained her MA degree in English Literature and Culture and is well known for her film media critique and opinion pieces. She frequents festivals such as Cannes, Sundance, Berlin and SXSW in order to sample the latest releases and also get exclusive interviews with established and up-and-coming film media artists.

Readers say:

"Traci's voice is unique. She's fair but not afraid to give her own opinion."

"She talks to the who's who in the film business to get fresh perspectives on contemporary cinema."

Her new book Cinema: A retrospective is out now and covers international cinema from the last 100 years. She delves deeper into the distinctive styles which emerged from prominent directors, cinematographers and other film artists. From the silent era to contemporary pieces (such as titles from the A24 catalogue), she highlights the best in cinema and provides fresh interpretations into why they have stood the test of time and are so loved by audiences.


Apart from her writing she also presents on online course in media writing alongside colleague and media expert John D. Mendez. Together they break down into manageable pieces the steps required to excel at media writing as a career. Everything from the initial writing research period to keeping readers engaged via social media is covered by the course and strongly recommended for anybody trying to break out as a film media blogger or columnist.

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